Bahujan samaj should come back to MGP to stop party being Hijacked by one family:Lavu mamledar.

Wed, May 23, 2018

 Goa: Maharastrawadi Gomantak party's senior leader Lavu mamledar has urged bahujan samaj to join the party so that it will case to be political unit of single family.

 Mamledar is opparently upset over funtioning of MGP president Dipak dhavlikar and had accused him of working against the interest of party.he had also said that Dhavlikar was aiming to merge the party into BJP.

 "All bahujan samaj leaders who left MGP should be brougt back into the party fold", he said

 The former ponda Goa MLA said we will not allow MGP to be hyjacked by certain family members.

Good days are ahead for MGP provided all samaj leaders unit and come",he added

Goa reporter Amisha sharat....

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