FDA says it is safe for consumption,After fish panc across Goa.

Fri, Jul 13, 2018

Goa:After series of raids across fish markets which resulted in closing of wholesale market in margao goa,the FDA has clarified that detailed tests on the samples drawn has shown that they are safe for consumption.

FDA director Jyoti sardessai today issued a press statement following the raids,this is what she said in a press note:

 In view of the media repors, raising doubts abouts the quality of fish available in Goa,and also the central media reports indicating that some of the states have banned the import of fish from other states and to ensure that tie fish available in Goa is safe especially the consignments arriving from outside the state in the public health interest,food and drugs administration  had deputed two teams one to soyth Goa and another at north at 4 a.m today.

The soyth goa team visited the wholesale fish market at margao ans collected samples of fish mainly from other states such as kerala, tamilnadu,orrisa,Andraprades and karnataka.

 These samples were draw from 17 vechicles and one fish vendor samples of fish drawn were pedi,macrels,tarli,gobro,savndale ,tisryi,muddoshi,white pompret,verli and prawns and were subjected to the preliminary spot analysis by the chemical to determine presence of formalin.

 The samples tested pisitives showing presnce of formaldehyde, hence as an abundant precaution the fisb vendors were instructed nit to distrubute the stock of fish till such time the detailed labouratary reports were available these samples of fish were immediatly brouth to the FDA labouratry at Bambolim on war footing and subjected to qusntutative analysis.

 The result obtained for all the samples are found within permissible limits the fish samples are thus detained to be safe for condumption.the whole process of sampling as well as detailed analysis was undertaken on top priority basis,keeping in mind the perishable nature of fish,

 North goa team drew three samples of fish from panajim marker,said samples were also tested at Bambolim laboratary of FDA and are declered to be safe fir consumption.

 Thus today's exercise has showb tgat the fish sold here is safe and FDA will infuture too remain vigilant towsrds any foemalin contaminatiin of the fish sold in tbe market.

Goa reporter:Amisha sharat.

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